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Solutions for Web Apps

A happy customer is a satisfied customer – and satisfied customers come back. You can make your customers´ lives easier by making your website or Web App a part of their browsers. While many web apps lack integration with the browser, you can stand out if your app provides these conveniences.

Your Browser Add-ons brings you a lot of benefits:

Extending your service
Extend your service beyond your website: make your App work at any page on the Web. Integrate seamlessly with user´s browser and any page they are browsing.

Customer retention
Stick to the customer so they won´t forget that you are still here.

New distribution channels
Proven method for distribution: submit your Add-on to Add-ons galleries or bundle it with third-party software.

Your Add-on can provide special features that are impossible to implement for a web app. Some of the features:

Your logo on users´ browser
An Add-on can look just like a single button and takes up very little space in a browser. It could be just a simple, static button with hot links, or even better – it can be a dynamic button that provides additional services.

Web pages altering in real-time
Check all pages used by the browser and immediately process and modify them in any way you like. You can insert your own information or links to your services or your partner´s services right in the page for users to see.

Send notifications
Send popup messages using your Add-on to notify your customers about information you want them to know, such as special offers. The message can´t be missed or lost in a spam folder like emails.

More than 7000 companies use Besttoolbars solutions:

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Evernote allows users to capture, organize, and find information across multiple platforms, allowing users to take notes, clip webpages, and snap photos. Evernote has a Browser Add-on called Web Clipper, which allows you to save things you see on the web into your Evernote account. It provides a toolbar button and context menu to add an article, selection, URL, or an entire page.

For example, if you want to save a part of the article you are reading, you can use the Clipper to highlight the text, links ,and images that you want to save, then click the Evernote button. The information will be saved to your Evernote account to access at any time.


Zendesk is a cloud-based customer support software allowing users to manage a support community. Zendesk created an Add-on named the Zendesk Activity Stream that integrates the browser with your support community.

Once installed, the Zendesk Activity Stream will show not only a badge, but also a desktop notification when a ticket is added to or updated on your Zendesk.


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