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Toolbar Studio

Toolbars are usually strips of icons, menus, or on-screen buttons that enhance the functionality of a browser window. With ToolbarStudio, you can develop your own dynamic toolbars and browser extensions in minutes thanks to Besttoolbars WYSIWYG interface. ToolbarStudio is an integrated development environment (IDE) or interactive development environment for building toolbars. Create cross-compatible toolbars for browsers including: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

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ToolbarStudio Features

  • Update, installation and uninstallation
  • Add search engines & links integration
  • Add your logo, brand your toolbar
  • Add unlimited buttons and menus
  • More than 20 different plugins
  • Multilingual support
  • Keyword Highlighting
  • Dynamic elements
  • Widgets support

ToolbarStudio Allows You To:

  • Insert Toolbar Elements like buttons, menus, checkboxes etc.
  • Insert Commands like URL redirect, search etc.
  • To pass the Macros available in the toolbar
  • Add Plug-ins like RSS reader, Email checker etc.

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Downloadable ToolbarStudio Packages

ToolbarStudio Developer Trial Package

Trail software for developers who want to test out the Besttoolbars befor placing a larger purchase.


Dynamic toolbar development software for Firefox and Internet Explorer in visual mode.

ToolbarStudio Standard Suite
The Standard Suite is designed for small to medium sized companies.

ToolbarStudio Business Suite
The Business Suite is for companies with big web-based communities or a large online customer base.

ToolbarStudio Enterprise Suite
The Enterprise Suite is for companies who desire to use toolbars to improve internal communications.

ToolbarStudio Marketer Suite
The Marketer Suite is for companies with big web-based communities or a large online customer base.

ToolbarStudio Professional Suite
The Professional Suite is for small to medium sized web companies or VAR's who require the ability to highly customize their toolbars with plug-ins.

ToolbarStudio Server
Toolbar Server offers a new, dynamic and effective way to send messages and track your Toolbars statistics.

You can Download ToolbarStudio for free. Need fully working solution? Don't waste your time - Buy ToolbarStudio now!

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