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Proxy Browser Add-ons

Nowadays, users use proxy for various purpose like sharing Internet connections on a local area network, hide IP address, implement Internet access control, access blocked websites and so on. With Proxy add-on, proxy users will never need to find working proxies. Our solution simplifies configuring browsers to access proxy-servers. You can extend your web proxy offering to your users with a browser extension.

Our Customers

Our Customers Our Customers
Our Customers Our Customers

The benefits are:
  • It is more convenient for your users to switch to proxy with 1-click through browser extension, rather than accessing it on your website.
  • Your users can easily switch locations of proxy servers through browser extension pop-up menu.
  • If you are providing proxy service based on subscription, the extension can authorize at your servers, before allowing user to access your proxy.
  • Overall, extending your service with a browser extension, will allow you to provide a very convenient tool for online marketing specialists and web masters who need to check how their website/ads are running from different locations, or just for people who want to surf the web from different locations.
  • How to use Proxy

      Just download, choose your virtual location from across the world, and proxy surfing begins:
    • When installed to the browser, the extension will add the icon to the right upper corner of the screen.
    • Clicking on that icon will call for the popup where user can authorize, chose the country of a proxy server or turn on/off the work of the extension:
    Key Benefits of working with Besttoolbars:
  • We use our Addons-Framework in development of browser extensions, which allows to significantly reduce development time, and supports all major browsers with single code.
  • We have a huge experience in developing browser extensions and toolbars.
  • Our team constantly keeps track of new changes in all major browsers.

  • More than 7000 companies use Besttoolbars solutions:

    Our Customers

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