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Bespoke Solutions for Online Shopping Companies

Besttoolbars makes the complex simple for online shopping companies. We develop multifaceted solutions with full cycle support including:

We take a global view working from online shopping concept to solution creation:

development flow chart

Our work processes are tried and tested and designed to support you each step of the way. Innovative yet intuitive, you’ll find working with our development team as easy as working with members of your own staff.

We begin with your brief and consult with you from a solution stand point. At this stage we’ll outline our best practice methodology.

Once the scope of the project has been agreed, we focus on product development, using all of our expertise to deliver your online shopping solution on time.

When the development stage is complete, we’ll also assist you in releasing the product to market. We’ll advise on the best way to present the product and help you create a strategy to reach your goals whether they be user or revenue focused.

Cashback Shopping Browser Addons

Increasing customer engagement is just one reason firms like yours partner with Besttoolbars to help develop cashback browser add-ons. Unlike other developers, we provide the full source code with each solution, leaving you in complete control. There are no royalties and no recurring fees. With Besttoolbars, you’ll only pay for the development of your cashback shopping browser addon. Powerful functionality includes search engine results page (SERP) injection, cross-browser compatibility, single browser installer and an addons menu.

Cashback Mobile Apps

Besttoolbars specializes in developing mobile apps for Android & iOS. Our technology allows us to create mobile apps that give users fingertip access to their favorite stores. The app maintains the same shopping experience the user would have by simply going online through a browser, with one big difference - it automatically enables your affiliate link so you earn the cashback.


Besttoolbars creates browser addons for charities, working with non profits to help them maximize donations. The addons allow users to shop as they normally would from their favorite stores, but automatically add your affiliate link so your organization generates donations more efficiently and effectively.


With Besttoolbars, your addons can be developed with a coupon functionality so users are shown all coupons available for their selected merchant at the time of purchase. The user will always have all valid coupons available at a glance, with no time consuming internet searches needed. A live coupon notification makes it easy for you to monetize your browser extension or addon by ensuring every opportunity is taken.

More than 7000 companies use Besttoolbars solutions:

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  • You control your destiny. You'll own the source code of your application.
  • No royalties. You pay only for development.
  • We have a huge experience in building cashback browser applications as well as cashback mobile applications.