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Email Client Plug-in

Email plugin screenshot

E-mail Client Plug-in enhance e-mail client (Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Mail) functionality, resulting in a more productive experience and better information management.

Key benefits

  • Combine online applications or existing Web APIs with an e-mail application user interface
  • Control and extend e-mail client applications
  • Tight integration with message sending and receipt
  • Ability to alter or annotate e-mail message tied with server processing for interactive experience
  • Ability to access and manipulate address book records
  • Solution is based on tested and extendible platform
  • Shorten development time and shorten time to market
  • Further upgrades of platform
  • Ability to extend the platform via API


E-mail Client Plug-in provide extension interface similar to that of our browser toolbar, and additionally you enjoy:

  • The ability to add your own dynamic menus and sub-menus to the main window and compose message windows using xml configuration file
  • Change button captions and images using plug-in interface
  • Associate events with your buttons
  • Methods to receive message content from the composition window, create new message in inbox or outbox folder, close composition window
  • Address book access methods to retrieve and store contacts
  • Methods to alter or change To, CC, Subject and other fields while sending e-mails

Operating systems: Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Email clients: Outlook 2000, 2003 +, Thunderbird 2.0 +, Outlook Express 6.0 +, Windows mail on Vista

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