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Besttoolbars Solutions

Besttoolbars delivers benefits across a wide variety of uses. Besttoolbars is the only major Add-on and Toolbar developer to provide you with the complete platform you need to build and manage your own unique, customizable, branded browser solution.

Besttoolbars can positively impact your organization providing different solutions for:

Toolbar & Add-on Development Products:

Besttoolbars is a custom toolbar-building platform that allows you to quickly and easily develop your own custom toolbars and Add-ons for all browsers. We offer a variety of custom toolbar & add-on development tools below:

Add-on Framework

Browser Add-on Framework

Besttoolbars Add-on Framework is a free framework that allows you to create cross browser add-ons for all major browsers. Download Add-on Framework today and get started creating your very own custom browser add-on.

ToolbarStudio Packages


Toolbar Studio is a IDE for building toolbars for Firefox and Internet Explorer in visual mode. With ToolbarStudio, you can develop your own dynamic toolbars and browser extensions in minutes thanks to Besttoolbars intuitive WYSIWYG interface.

ToolbarStudio Developer Trial Package

Designed for developers who want to test out the Besttoolbars platform before making a larger commitment. Our Developer Trial Package allows one to take advantage of the features of ToolbarStudio to build a custom toolbar.

ToolbarStudio Standard Suite
The Standard Suite is designed for small to medium sized companies. With Toolbar Standard Suite, businesses can develop toolbars comptabile with Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.

ToolbarStudio Business Suite

The Business Suite is designed for larger companies with robust online customer bases and enterprises with greater need for control over their toolbar offerings. Create Internet Explorer and Firefox-compatible toolbars without any limitations with ToolbarStudio Business Suite.