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DesignLinks Case Study

Besttoolbars Customer Case Study: DesignLinks

DesignLinks International is an innovative Web-based solutions provider for personal and business computing in the global market. Founded in year 2000 DesignLinks International is a privately held company with offices in North America and Europe. DesignLinks offers service worksmart.net that provides users a secure Web-based workplace consisting of an integrated suite of simple and easy to use applications.

All users and groups have their own workplace with files. User should be able to edit the files on server. All the solutions for on-line editing is not suitable because they doesn´t provide editing of all file types. So, the files should be edited by applications, installed on user´s computer.

Besttoolbars developed plugins for Internet Explorer and FireFox for online editing of documents that are placed on worksmart server. The server supports the WebDAV technology that simplifies work with files on server.

  • File downloading
    When user clicks the file link in browser server sends special headers that contain authorization information and direct link to file. Pugin catches header, authorizes on server, downloads the file and opens it with appropriate application.
  • Tracking file changes
    The plugin waits until user closes the editor. If file was changed, plugin uploads the file to server.
  • File uploading
    Plugin uploads changed file to WebDAV server through secure HTTPs connection.