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Besttoolbars Customer Case Study: Savings.com

Savings.com helps consumers save money every day. The company’s dedicated team of DealPros scours the Web to find top offers in every category from designer clothes and baby gear to big-screen TVs and gourmet food. In addition to providing personalized recommendations, Savings.com has one of the most in-depth databases of coupons. Shoppers can access thousands of exclusive offers from the biggest retailer names along with 400,000+ deals aggregated from online and national retailers, local businesses, daily deal sites and grocery brands.

The company required new ways to offer coupons to on-line users.

Besttoolbars developed Browser Toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox. Also we developed Add-on for Chrome and Safari that emulates toolbar, since toolbars are not allowed in these browsers.

Besttoolbars developed Add-on for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari that shows button in browser. When visiting partners website Add-on shows popup windows with the coupons available.