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Case Studies

"More then 50 mln installations. And significant portion of SkypeOut calls are being originated from the browser extension"


"We have got increase in sales revenue by 52% through in-house and affiliated products"

Charlie McCormack,
KwikLink Network

"We have increased traffic to the website and are providing more accurate and timely information to our users. "

Yang Pan,

"Additionally, the process of tracking consignment information is now much more efficient for end users, since they no longer need to spend time browsing to the Intranet site to perform their inquiries and obtain the needed data."

Umit Topuz,

Technical Case Studies

The Skype add-on for Internet Explorer, the Skype extension for Firefox and the Skype extension for Google Chrome highlight all the phone numbers on any webpage.
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Besttoolbars developed Toolbar for Internet Explorer using Silverlight technology.
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Besttoolbars developed Add-ons that show popup windows with the coupons available when visiting partners site.
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Besttoolbars developed Add-ons for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Microsoft Outlook Add-in. Browser add-ons allowed users to browse with safety.
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Global Mojo
Besttoolbars developed Add-on that adds icons to the affiliated companies in search results when searching the web and shows pop-up when mouse is over with current offer.
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Spiral Funds
Besttoolbars developed solution that highlight sponsored links on every web page user browsing.
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Besttoolbars developed solution that accompany company existent site and make the search engine easily accessible.
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Spax Phone
Besttoolbars developed Add-ons for IE and Firefox, Desktop widget and Facebook App that allows to call to phones.
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Besttoolbars developed plugins for Internet Explorer and FireFox for online editing of documents that are placed on inranet server.
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Besttoolbars developed Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari toolbar for company that allows to set up merchant account and start accepting credit cards.
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